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Data Management Services

Data Services

During these uncertain times, every penny counts. In the eyes of the Regulator, poor member records lead to unnecessary costs. And greater financial strain on your sponsoring employer can easily escalate into greater dependency on the Pensions Protection Fund (PPF) – something the Regulator is looking to avoid wherever possible.

Member data is the lifeblood of every pension scheme – it helps trustees make informed decisions, plays its part in delivering accurate member benefits and ultimately dictates the level of sponsor liability.

It can be difficult to appreciate the vast quantities of data your scheme needs before it can operate effectively. While this information may have been correct at the time your members joined, corporate transactions, changes in benefit design and fluctuations in membership make it easy to see how the fabric of your scheme can quickly unravel.

When to review your data
The most common events for completing a review of your data include where the trustees are looking to improve the quality of their existing data for good governance exercises, change of administrator or administrative system or when the scheme is entering an assessment period with the PPF.

  • Experts
    We are perfectly placed as experts in scheme administration and pension technology to offer an independent data service which is tailored to meet the needs of you scheme.
  • Accurate Estimates
    We can provide you with the estimates for time and cost for all work beforehand and with robust data cleansing plans in place, you can focus on meeting your scheme objectives.
  • Reports
    Our system will produce a clear and comprehensive analysis on your data which will identify key areas to concentrate on.
  • Focus On Data
    With so much focus on data quality, our service can ensure that you have fullfilled your obligations, your data is fit for purpose and your processes are fit for purpose.

You can click here to download a leaflet outlining our data management services.