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Scheme Windups

Pension Scheme Windups

Winding up pension schemes requires expert knowledge and skills to navigate you through the process.

We understand the complexities and difficulties that Trustees and sponsoring employers face when undertaking and communicating the wind up of a pension scheme. To reduce this burden, we aim to meet your specific objectives by engaging in a thorough consultation around your requirements and subsequently tailoring our services to meet your needs. We provide a clear outline of the work required to complete the winding up of the scheme by delivering a detailed project plan of the work that will be undertaken.

We are sensitive to the need to control costs and provide you with excellent value for money and therefore we will commit to a fixed fee for the windup of your scheme. You can be certain there will be no additional costs except for any additional work that falls outside of the agreed scope of the windup project. This means you benefit from lower costs and with no unexpected bills.

We know that the winding up of a pension scheme can be a stressful time for the scheme members and therefore strive to keep the members up to date through regular communication. Our experience has taught us that transparency around the process goes a long way to reducing members’ anxiety.

If you would like further information on our Pension Scheme Windup services please call Graham Hickling on 0151 448 5400.