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Why Choose Us?

Why You Should Choose HS Admin

1. Specialist Adminstrator

HS Admin has supplied pensions administration and related services to the UK pensions industry since 1984. Our reputation is built on our technical expertise and the quality of administration services that we provide to defined benefit, defined contribution and hybrid schemes.

As pension scheme administration is our core business, our primary focus is on providing the best and most professional administration service possible to our clients and scheme members.

2. Fixed Fee

We are sensitive to the need to control costs and provide you with excellent value for money. For most of our clients we work on a fixed fee. The fixed fee allows for any level of normal transactions during the course of the scheme year so you can be certain of no additional costs except for any exceptional work that falls outside of the defined scope of our services.

This means you benefit from lower costs and you don’t get unexpected bills appearing on a regular basis.

3. Guaranteed Service Standards

Our client service level agreements provide a case-based approach to reporting our performance. This ensures that the whole member experience is measured, rather than each task in isolation.

The workflow maps that drive the administration cases have the agreed target dates for the overall case, the key points and the steps built into them. This ensures measurement is against the actual targets agreed with clients.

This case based approach to reporting is underpinned by our guarantee that HS Admin will respond to all enquiries, from receipt of full information/data, within an agreed period dependent on the nature of the enquiry.

4. Our People

Ultimately, the difference between a good pensions service provider and a very good one is the quality and attitude of its people. Our recruitment and retention practices, together with our dedication to developing the all round skills of our people, means that we are able to satisfy, and exceed, the expectations of our clients.

5. Bespoke Service

We seek to develop partnership with our clients, understanding your culture and preferences. We choose not to offer specific models for the services we provide to our clients, preferring to give clients the ability to choose from a menu of options available to them. This way, a fully bespoke service is provided, meeting the specific needs of the client rather than a prescriptive format.

HS is always responsive to our clients’ non-standard requirements which are often more urgent and important at the time they arise. We pride ourselves in meeting these needs without dereliction of our day-to-day duties.

6. Member Focus

We have direct contact with the members of the majority of our clients and focus very clearly on providing customer care to members. We believe that if we get it right for the members we will get it right for the trustees and employers.

A great deal of time and energy is spent in developing customer care skills in our people and customer-service training is provided as standard to all of our people.

Rather than dealing with different departments and people on different matters, trustees and members get to work with a highly skilled and knowledgeable person familiar with all aspects of your scheme.

7. Quality Systems & Process

Our investment in industry-leading systems to complement our people enables us to automate work to the optimum level, using our calculation engine, workflow system and electronic document management to smooth the administration process. We are regarded as leaders in the exploitation of technology.

We are continually developing our administration solutions to ensure we are providing bespoke, innovative solutions to our clients. We are constantly developing best practice, increasing cost efficiency and giving value for money.

8. Quality Standards

Quality is fundamental to our ability to meet client needs. Our quality can be demonstrated in two ways, firstly through our quality accreditations and secondly, and more importantly, through how we assure quality in practice.

Our practical application of quality is founded on:
  • Fully documented working procedures.
  • A detailed scheme-specific bible.
  • A detailed scheme-specific Administration Guide.
  • Use of sophisticated work management systems.

On a day-to-day basis, our monitoring of quality, timeliness and accuracy is provided by our workflow system used actively by our administrators and team managers.

Our quality accreditations:

9. Free Data Audit

HS Admin offers a completely flexible full data analysis service and a data cleansing service that can be tailored to meet the needs of the trustees and ensures their obligations are fulfilled and that the data is fit for purpose. For every new client we carry out a full data audit as part of the scheme implementation at no cost to the scheme. Any resulting cleansing and associated budgets are agreed in advance of any cleansing work taking place.